Products : Mobile Augmented Reality

linknode create engaging and immersive 3D augmented reality apps on our GIality platform integrating models, sensors, location and imagery into compelling solutions for mobile VIA, renewables, culture & heritage, museums and security.

  • VentusAR - rural landscape & visual impact assessment (LVIA)
  • UrbanPlanAR - urban planning and architectural visualisation
  • HistoryLens - culture & heritage engagement on location
  • - mobile 3D try-before-you-buy

VentusAR VentusAR


VentusAR is the personal, mobile solution for visual impact analysis assessment. VIA is part of environmental and landscape visualisation assessment required for large-scales plans and development including renewables.

Amongst the tools used for VIA, photomontages are considered the most meaningful to the public and professionals. However, the limitations of expense, time to construct, limited viewpoints, subjective positioning, static representation and navigation problems mean there is still a challenge in delivering inclusive planning information.
By moving into the mobile space for interaction and engagement we see benefits in portability, personalisation, location, power, familiarity as well as high levels of functionality. Linknode’s GIality technology platform underpins VentusAR to create a integrated 3D visualisation apps for dynamic real-world augmented reality.

UrbanPlanAR UrbanPlanAR


UrbanPlanAR is an InnovateUK supported project to incorporate and evolve existing innovations from industry (Linknode) and academia (Heriot-Watt University). The UrbanPlanAR vision is to create an accessible solution that makes BIM data more valuable through visualisation.

By using a mobile platform, running on consumer devices, UrbanPlanAR uses location and 3D visualisation to make data personal and understandable.
By providing accessible systems to developers, engineers, architects, planners and communities, the vision is to increase and enable more stakeholder engagement.
By facilitating faster and cheaper decision making, visual engagement can be integral to the whole development lifecycle and also prove and increase the value of investment in BIM.
In 2016 UrbanPlanAR are looking for development partners who are open to new ideas and collaboration. Early adopters for this new and innovative solution will help drive functionality and see internal benefits before the 2017 launch.

HistoryLens HistoryLens


HistoryLens is the personalised guide using GPS for locational interpretation, bringing historical content to life with 3D visualisation for visitor engagement.

HistoryLens delivers an on-demand digital learning experience and enhances the inspirational, educational and social aspects of today’s museums, galleries, parks, estates and trails.
The contextual nature of objects is realised through HistoryLens, bringing interpretation and self-guided discovery into the hands of users through GPS hotspots, augmented reality and map-free navigation – taking culture and heritage engagement on location and providing an immersive visitor experience they can share and uniquely take home. is the compelling try-before-you-buy augmented reality mobile app. provides an engaging and interactive 360 visualisation in the mobile environment by integrating imagery and real-world sensors.

The app is the first 3D GIality solution published across Windows Phone, Google Android and Apple iOS. is highly valuable to the online retail market by boosting mCommerce conversion rates through direct 3D interfaces to the product. It can also reduce the rate of returns as consumers have already been able to preview in their own surroundings.
Additional benefits from 3D visualisation can be used to drive both print and digital advertising and social media campaigns.