Services : Professional Development

linknode are dedicated to delivering projects across the entire development lifecycle with requirements gathering and design, through development and integration to support. Our key skills are in software development services for mobile apps, geospatial applications and cloud utilisation.

We use the same design and development teams for your projects as we do for our own to ensure quality and skills in delivery - contact us.

Three decades of experience in delivering software development has taught us the importance of implementing good practise in project lifecycles. Primarily our project managers are involved in all stages of a project and remain your first point of contact throughout. They lead a cross disciplinary team made of architects, developers, designers and testers as required. Our in-house team of permanent staff are all located in our Central Scotland office to ensure good communications.

Mobile: Cross Platform Native Development and Publication

Mobile is a Linknode core capability and we are one of the more experienced developers in the UK for cross platform (Windows, Android and iOS) 3D applications. We create native apps to ensure full integration, user experience and full use of device features in apps as exemplified by our in-house and commercial applications.
Our designers start by wire-framing a version of your app, our developers implement these features before handing to testers to ensure a quality delivery meeting the specifications.

Our core specialism is the Xamarin base for iOS, Android and Windows development. Applications are designed as fast and fluid, clean and intuitive and we are licenced publishers in all three app stores.
Our long-term experience with mobile application development is key to successful understanding of the new platform capabilities

Geospatial: Development, Integration, Open Source, Visualisation and Support

From free and open source web-mapping to Oracle integration troubleshooting, training and support, we provide expert advice and availability to make best use of your geospatial data in new ways. We work with CAD, desktop, web-mapping and online geospatial services and currently specialise in the open source MapGuide technology with hundreds of projects deployed in the UK.
Development is as .NET projects with the AJAX methodology for the most optimum end-user experience.

See more details on our Geospatial page.

Azure: Cloud Database and Application Migration Consultancy & Services

Scalability issues? Security patching worries? Increasing hardware costs? SQL data?

If you face any of these problems with your current solution then moving your database, application (or both) to the cloud may prove cost-effective with service-level agreements and uptime classically only provided by high-end dedicated system providers.
Linknode can guide you through the process of migrating existing web applications to Windows Azure (Microsoft’s cloud computing platform). Our experiences and expertise can help you choose the best options when considering how much of your business applications should be migrated to the cloud and how much would be best kept in house
We have successfully migrated web application to Azure where their owners benefit from high availability (99.95% uptime) and improved capacity (if your site comes under load, it is more resilient) whilst at the same time reducing hardware management costs

Linknode can take you through the following elements of migrating your business solution to the cloud:

Consultancy and Pricing Models: Service levels, pricing and support

Services (Worker Roles): Usage and limitations for applications

Web Applications (Scalable Services): Scalability and deployment

SQL Azure (Data and Database Management): Migration, monitoring and tuning